Video Reflection for COMM 130


Slide Design Ad Campaign

by Trevor Albrethsen

For our final project of the semester, we were required to look for an ad and make an ad that fit the same style and design. We were also supposed to make a slide presentation that describes our findings through reverse engineering and then explain how our ad is consistent with the one we found via the Internet.

“WE ARE ALL WITNESSES.” Nike Ad Campaign

The ad I chose to reverse engineer was the “WE ARE ALL WITNESSES.” ad campaign by Nike. It features LeBron James, an iconic and prolific basketball in the NBA. Love him or hate him, millions upon millions of people know who he is and what he’s done in the NBA.

My new ad

The first thing I’d like to talk about is design. The ad’s design consists of a black background an a grayscale photograph of the athlete. The grayscale photo adds a dynamic feel and look to the ad. It really stands out more than it would if it were in color. The black background helps you focus in on the photograph of LeBron James as well.

It might be a little hard to read it in this image, but there are two lines of text in this ad. One says, “WE ARE ALL WITNESSES.” The other is a website to go to. You can see it better in the first image I posted on this post. Although both are serif font, they don’t clash due to the size differences between the two.

This slide focuses more on the colors found in this image or lack thereof. Honestly, I think Nike made the right choice by using a black background and a grayscale photograph because it helps LeBron James stand out even more. It’s an awesome looking photo and the choice to use these colors, or lack thereof, was a great design decision in my opinion.

For my ad, I found a photograph of Marcus Mariota. He is now in the NFL, but this photograph was taken while he was at the University of Oregon. This photograph shows him escaping from the UCLA tackler. What it doesn’t show is the awesome touchdown he scored. Anyway, I chose this photo because it was honestly the only one I could find. That being said, I really like it and I think it does a good job of following the “WE ARE ALL WITNESSES.” ad campaign started by Nike. It’s also a grayscale photograph and has a black background to help the audience focus specifically on the action being done by the athlete.

After making my own ad, I have realized how much the ad focuses in on the athlete. Everything is blacked out so you don’t have to block out what’s going on around the athlete. I really liked this ad campaign even though it was a little cumbersome trying to make everything but the two football players blacked out.

My new ad


Original Marcus Mariota Image:

Nike Logo:

20 Years: Final Fantasy VII Icon Set

by Trevor Albrethsen

For this project, we were required to create an icon set using Adobe Illustrator. My icon set is based off of characters from the Final Fantasy series—Final Fantasy VII for the original PlayStation. If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll recognize that I did my best to create an icon set featuring Barrett Wallace, Aeris Gainsborough, Cloud Strife, and Tifa Lockhart.

My target audience for this icon set are men and women between the ages of 20 and 34 who played Final Fantasy VII. The message is simple. As mentioned previously, this year marks the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII. I thought it would be cool to make icons as a way of paying tribute to Final Fantasy VII. My message is a message of celebration.

Above are my icons in a 60 x 60 pixel format. I’m not entirely sure why the third icon is slightly bigger than the other three in this post, so I apologize in advance for the distraction it may cause.

These images are much bigger so you can see them in greater detail. They are measured at 400 x 400 pixels. One thing I noticed while adjusting the pixel count for these icons is that they don’t do a good job of formatting to the new pixel count. I had to decrease the stroke count for some of the borders so it wasn’t overpowering everything else about the icon.

For the design of these icons, I chose to place the characters heads inside a rounded box. I thought it looked pleasing to the eye and looks better than placing them in a standard square box. I chose the colors purple, greenish blue (I seem to use these color a lot in my other designs), light blue, and crimson red because these are the colors of the face buttons on a PlayStation controller. I also added repetition of these colors by having their eye color match the box they were in.

While challenging, this was a fun little project. I never thought I would ever create a set of icons. It was great to be able to gain some experience in this aspect of design.